Renovations are complete - inside and out!

"Second ACTS"

If you have ever seen a play, you will recognize that the first act often ends on a cliffhanger, and the issues facing the characters are not resolved until the second act.

This represents a fundamental element of ACTS philosophy.  People come to us in crisis, feeling ashamed or defeated, maybe even thinking their lives are over.  By fostering hope, providing relief, and supporting         self-sufficiency, we demonstrate that wherever they are today is not the end - only the end of the "First Act' of their lives.  Our mission is to assist our neighbors as they begin their "Second Acts." Likewise, items donated to the thrift store are not worthless; they are also simply beginning their "Second Acts," ready to be enjoyed and appreciated in new homes.

The Second ACTS Community Nonprofit Thrift Store offers the perfect opportunity for you to help our neighbors. We take your generous donations and sell them at low cost to the community and provide vouchers for our shelter and safe house residents to shop for free.

Did you know:

Most thrift stores aren't nonprofit!

Others offer some support to local non-profit organizations, but the ACTS Community Nonprofit Thrift Store truly makes a difference in the lives of our neighbors. Every donation and every purchase goes to support the programs that ACTS offers in Prince William County to support the poor, homeless, and victims of personal violence.

We are OPEN again! We thank you all for your patience and look forward to your support.

Retail Hours

Monday:        10am - 7pm
Tuesday:        10am - 7pm
Wednesday:   10am - 7pm
Thursday:       10am - 8pm
Friday:            10am - 8pm
Saturday:          9am - 8pm
Sunday:              Closed

Donation Drop-off Hours

Please note: We are now accepting donations art our new Thrift Store Donation Center one block south of the store on Main Street (17690 Main St, Dumfries, VA 22026).

Monday:        10am - 5pm
Tuesday:        10am - 5pm
Wednesday:   10am - 5pm
Thursday:       10am - 5pm
Friday:            10am - 5pm
Saturday:        10am - 4pm
Sunday:              Closed

Please DO NOT leave items outside of drop off hours and check your items against our current acceptance policy.

Volunteer for Second ACTS

The Second ACTS Community Nonprofit Thrift Store is always looking for Volunteers to help run and maintain the store's operation. IIf you are interested in volunteering please visit our new volunteer portal and complete the application form.


Donation Sorter

The responsibility of a donation sorter works in our warehouse to open our bags of donations, sort through our clothing items, and prepare them for our staff to price and hang. If items are in unsaleable condition they are put in a
separate area to be discarded.  Rather than throw these items away, they are sold in bulk to organizations who distribute them in Africa.  Also, if shoes or other items are found in the bags they are put into bins to be sent to our Thrift Store location for pricing. This is the ideal job for individuals who enjoy clothes and can make a good story to go with what you find.  If you see cute children's clothes in the store and say out loud, "Isn't that adorable?" then this is the job for you.  Why not sign up a group of friends?  We have a lot of fun!


Retail Assistant

The thrift store retail assistant processes, sorts and stocks donations to the thrift store and performs sale floor duties as assigned.

They must possess excellent customer service skills and be able to undertake the physical requirements involved with the Thrift Store setting. Good oral commutation skills and language skills are an advantage. Duties also include maintaining the safety and cleanliness of the store. If you like meeting people, showing off what you have to share, and take pride in what you do, this could be the spot for you. 

You will meet some wonderful people.  Some may come in, grab what they want, and go.  But that isn't the norm.  Most of our customers are part of the ACTS family and come to the store to meet, chat, and look for that latest piece of something they can't live without!