How to Get Assistance

ACTS Helpline (703) 368-4141

If you’ve been struggling with thoughts of suicide feeling hopeless feeling lonely and isolated worried about someone you care about. We have help available, your call will be greeted by a compassionate trained listener. This person is there to help clarify your problems, offer suggestions, and most of all, listen. All calls made are confidential and anonymous, allowing you to be completely open about what you’ve been going through. If you need them, we can also link you to local resources, such as: Mental Health Services Financial Assistance Programs Support Groups It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what you need though, pick up the phone and call us if you need help.


Surviving After Suicide

For those who have made a suicide attempt and find it difficult to open up to other people, we have a group of peers that meet in a safe environment for recovery to gain strength from each other and process any feelings of guilt, anger, depression or hopelessness.  For more specific information on meeting dates and locations please call us Our Helpline at 703-368-4141.

Have you lost a loved one to suicide? Trying to process and grieve the loss of a loved one to suicide is incredibly difficult. Surviving After Suicide is a free, confidential, mutual self-help support group whose goal it is to provide support in a safe environment to individuals who have experienced such a loss. The group meets the second and fourth Thursday of each month. It is an “open group,” which means you can attend at any time. When you reach out to us you will be put in touch with a facilitator, who will give you specific information on the meeting location and answer any questions you may have. To take the first step, call Our Helpline at 703-368-4141.

Parents of Suicide Loss

When a child dies, families suffer intense pain and feelings of hopelessness. Parents of Suicide Loss is a support group for parents who have lost a child, of any age, to suicide. The group of parents meets the first Sunday of each month to support and encourage one another in a very difficult journey. If you are a parent, interested in attending our parent’s group, or would like additional information, Our Helpline at 703-368-4141.

Traumatic Death Support

Traumatic Death Support Group

Death due to a sudden or traumatic event can raise a number of complex issues for the survivors. The grief process is often very different from an expected or anticipated death. Bereavement is often intensified, since there is little to no opportunity to prepare for the loss, say good-bye, or address unfinished business. ACTS Traumatic Death Survivor support group is a free, confidential, non-judgmental peer led support group, whose goal is to provide a safe environment for those who have experienced a traumatic loss. It is an opportunity for participants to give and receive support with others who have experienced the traumatic death of a loved one. Anyone who has lost a friend, family member, or significant other in a traumatic death situation is invited to attend the monthly meetings. For more information, including meeting time and location, call us at 703-441-8606 ext. 214.

Renewed Hope

Renewed Hope Support Group

Renewed Hope is a support group, offered in partnership with Trillium Drop-in center. If you have made a suicide attempt, you may feel guilty, angry, more depressed, or hopeless. It can be difficult to open up to other people so you can process what has happened, which is essential to moving past what happened. We provide a caring environment where individuals can connect with others who have attempted suicide and to gain strength, find new ways to protect their lives and continue to establish hope and recovery. When you call us, you will be put in contact with the facilitator of the group, who will give you more specific information on the meeting location and time. Don’t hesitate to our Helpline at 703-368-4141.


ACTS Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors (LOSS) Team, working in conjunction with Prince William county Police, is comprised of trained volunteers able to provide onsite support and resources to families experiencing a death by suicide. Survivors include anyone onsite affected by the event. Follow up contact will be made per the survivor’s request.