Spring Flings and Easter Things

Spring Flings and Easter Things

It's spring and look what’s blooming; the ACTS Thrift Store, of course! I hope everyone is ready for this season because we are! As we prepare our store with new spring looks and outdoor furniture coming in, we would like to pop some questions:

What will be your first spring purchase?
What are a few things ACTS Thrift store will have in store this spring?

The ACTS Thrift Store has all the brand names and vigorous clothing you can find, and affordable prices you can’t find anywhere else! Whether if it’s an authentic handbag or a designer suit, our store has it all! (I would know; 9 out of 10 of all my outfits are from the ACTS Thrift Store. You’ll be impressed with what you can find in our store.) Master the trend with our spring dresses collection as well as our footwear coming up; definitely don’t want to miss that. Make your spring spectacular with our picture perfect outfits. That being said, we couldn’t think of everyone better to help us step into spring! Feel free to stop by and see our collection we have coming. Items sell quickly! So the sooner you shop with us, the better to get your hands on the latest fashion.

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“To build a community for fashion”

The ACTS Thrift Store isn’t transcendent at only providing new and thrilling fashion. Our store has all the home décor you can find. Not to mention large items like indoor/outdoor furniture. Whether it is to make your living space an attracting work of art or to impress your guests and family with our vibrating portraits to lighten the atmosphere, ACTS Thrift Store can help you find what you desire. Every week, donors donate housewares, collectibles, furniture and appliances. It’s never a dull moment when you find the same item over and over again. There’s always something new to look at once you walk in our store. Our plan for our customers is to set a visual for an ideal living room or give back to our friendly families or neighbors that are in need. Whether it’s a small coffee table or an outdoor set, it’s always the thought of having gatherings with friends and family to take a seat and enjoy each other’s company.

Lastly, and what we've all been waiting for; ACTS Thrift Store will be celebrating this season with our Easter Madness Merchandise Sale! As we start decorating our window displays with our craft items, ribbons, flowers and pots, our store has remarkable goods to choose from this season. ACTS has all you can find to prepare your Easter goodies, like baskets with colorful Easter eggs, stuffed bunnies and other charming accessories. A great idea to get the kids excited for Easter. Our prices are low, starting at only $0.50 ! A definite save this Easter.

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P.S. As I mentioned about the weather, if you ever stop by at the ACTS Thrift Store, you’ll see our gloomy garden outside the store. ACTS would like the community to come out and help bring life into our garden this season. Make our gardens as colorful as possible. Shine a little bit of happiness in it. Comcast Cares Day is on April 22nd, and we will be one of the sites that are beautified that day. To register for volunteer opportunities, check out this article, and as always, thank you so much to our donors and shoppers who keep us running every day! 


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