Q&A with an ACTS Volunteer

Q&A with an ACTS Volunteer

Volunteers are an integral part of the daily operations here at ACTS, and almost every department has their own team of people who donate their time and skills to helping our community. From sorting clothes at the thrift store to assisting our staff with administrative duties, our volunteers are essential to us. Joe Delfico is one of these people, and lately, he has been working on an impact study designed to show people in the community how our organization helps people in a quantifiable way. I recently interviewed Joe, and here is what he had to say about the work he is doing with us.   

Q. How long have you been at ACTS and what do you do?

A. I am a volunteer with IVC the Ignation Volunteer Corp. It is a national organization with 18 offices in the US. I work out of the Northern Virginia Office. I have been at ACTS for about 10 Months. I work with the CEO and staff on general team building projects and recently I am trying to develop an approach to quantify ACTS financial impacts on the community at large.


Q. What is your background in?

A. I am an engineer by training with degrees in aerospace and in industrial engineering. I worked in the private sector, military think tanks, and US Government. I was a consultant for the World Bank and other organizations in the area of pension programs and assistance programs for to poor. My areas of interest were program evaluation and management.


Q. Why did you decide to become a volunteer at ACTS? 
A. ACTS provided me with an opportunity to use my work experience in an organization dedicated to helping people in need.


Q. What program here interests you the most and why (or) which program is your favorite?

A. All programs are of interest and I have no favorites. What is fascinating is the quality of the staff and their desire to help each other and the people they serve.


Q. What would you like to accomplish here by the time you leave ACTS? 

A.  Before I leave ACTS I would like to help the local community better realize the impact ACTS is making not only on a financial level but also on a human level.


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ACTS truly appreciates the people that volunteer with us. If you would like to donate your time with us like Joe has, or have a special skill that could benefit a department here, please click here to learn more about our volunteer opportunities. 


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