ACTS Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15th-October 15th, the only holiday that crosses two months, and during this time, ACTS recognizes those of Hispanic descent that work within our organization to provide care and comfort to those in need in our area. One of them is Madelyn Ramos, the Chief Program Officer for ACTS' Human Services Division. Mrs. Ramos oversees all operations in ACTS' Housing, Emergency Assistance, Food Pantry, and Thrift Store Programs. Recently, when asked what Hispanic Heritage means to her, she commented:

"Sometimes people think Hispanic Heritage is all about the wonderful food or music that our Latino families share and even though this is a great part of our culture it is not what defines us. As I sit waiting on news of so many families affected by Hurricane Maria, including my own I contemplate how amazing we are as a culture. We Hispanics are not defined by our color, our accents or our loud personalities. We are defined by our history, our traditions and our love for who we are.  We are happy, we have great faith and conviction and because our history has many tribulations, caring for others is ingrained in our existence. We are Native American Indians, We are African American Slaves, we are Europeans and yes, some of us Hispanics are actually Americans. We are a culture of hope and passion and we are a culture of advocacy and resilience. I tempt you to broaden your history and learn about Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico and some of the other amazing Latino countries which we here at ACTS have staff from. Take the time to know us and always be prepared to Hug a Hispanic, that too is in our nature. Ciao!" 
ACTS is proud to have such a diverse group of people who serve as staff, volunteers, and board members. Working as one unit, we are able to access the needs of our neighbors in a very comprehensive way. If you would like to join us as a staff member, volunteer, or board member, we'd love to have you. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time! 
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